Mark Your Calendar
RWCSDC will not have its regular Board of Directors meeting and lunch this October. Instead we ask all of you to sign up and attend our special event on the 17th.

Special Event!

Get Out the Vote with Terrell
17 October 2020
5:00 - 9:00 pm

*Click here for written directions.

Patti Siegmann - RWCSDC President 2020-2021  
Sept. 2020 Club of the Month - RWC Point Loma  
RWCSDC Group Shot with Trump Bus  
RWCSDC Women for Trump  
RWCSDC Current Club Presidents at Feb. 2020 RWCSDC Board of Directors Meeting  
RWCSDC Booth at the CA GOP Convention  
RWCSDC at the San Diego County Fair 2019  
San Diego County Voter Registration Team  
Red Alert! Funny things are happening to our votes. Los Angeles County reported over 100,000 missing ballots after last year's election. Voters all over the state are reporting that their voter registrations have been changed or totally deleted without notification. We strongly advise all of our members to check out their current voter registration status and whether or not their vote was registered in the last election at one of these two sites:
San Diego County ROV
CA Secretary of State


Election season is upon us. Volunteer!   Contribute!   Vote!