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9/9/2019:   RWCSDC Board of Directors Meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 10:00 a.m. - All Members Are Welcome!  Featured speaker is Chris Gaubatz, a national security consultant, speaker and conservative political activist. Mr. Gaubatz was the lead undercover researcher in one of the most successful post 9-11 undercover operations in the United States and gained access to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-backed organization leadership meetings.

Please note: Our lunch price has been raised to $38. Those paying by check or with cash at the door will still pay $35.
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RWCSDC Inaugural Convention - 2/11/19  
RWCSDC President Rosalia Zamora  
San Diego County Voter Registration Team  
Celebrating Our Newest Citizens  
RWCSDC at the San Diego County Fair 2019  
RWCSDC at the San Diego County Fair 2019  
RWCSDC at the San Diego County Fair 2019  
Red Alert! Funny things are happening to our votes. Los Angeles County reported over 100,000 missing ballots after last year's election. Voters all over the state are reporting that their voter registrations have been changed or totally deleted without notification. We strongly advise all of our members to check out their current voter registration status and whether or not their vote was registered in the last election at one of these two sites:
San Diego County ROV
CA Secretary of State


Election season is upon us. The San Diego Republican Party is currently recruiting candidates.
If you're interested, check out their website now!